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What is Related Products Manager for Magento?

Related Products Manager is a Magento extension that uses existing shopper behavioral data to automatically generate related products and cross-sells for your entire catalog with one click.

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Automatic Related Products for Your Entire Catalog with One Click

Smart recommendations that get better over time

Create proven related products and cross-sells for every product in your catalog with a single click. Related Products Manager recommendations are based on shopper behavior and order data that is already stored by Magento so there’s no need to wait for months to collect data.

Related Products Manager analyzes shopping patterns on dedicated servers so it doesn’t slow your store down like some other extensions. And because recommendations are pre-generated it is as fast and cache friendly as manual related products.

Set the number of related products you want to show and relax. Related Products Manager does not modify any template or layout code so it works with any theme. Have unique recommendation rules? Our architecture lets us add custom rules for each customer (contact for a quote).


Rely entirely on Related Products Manager’s recommendations or use it to supplement your existing manually defined related products.  The related products and cross-sells you choose always come first.


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Generate Recommendations

Click ``Generate Related Products`` in Configuration > Related Products Manager to analyze behavior data already stored in Magento

Show Related Products

New related products are stored in your Magento DB and automatically displayed to shoppers

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