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Getting an error similar to Class 'CommerceStack_Recommender_Model_Resource_Mysql4_Setup' not found in yourwwwdirectory/includes/src/Mage_Core_Model_Resource_Setup.php?

This is a common problem with all extensions when compilation is enabled. Basically, Magento Connect doesn't automatically recompile when a new extension is added so Magento ends up unable to find the new extension's files. Here's the best way to resolve it:

  1. Rename the file app/code/etc/modules/CommerceStack_Recommender.xml to CommerceStack_Recommender.xml.bak
  2. Delete var/cache

This will disable Related Products Manager and return Magento to normal working condition. Then to get Related Products Manager working:

  1. Disable compliation in System > Configuration > Compilation
  2. Rename app/code/etc/modules/CommerceStack_Recommender.xml.bak to app/code/etc/modules/CommerceStack_Recommender.xml

Now Magento should be working correctly along with Related Products Manager. The last step is to recompile Magento again.

  1. Click Run Compliation Process in System > Configuration > Compilation
  2. Clear your Magento cache

Everything should now be working correctly. Contact if you're still encountering problems.

Generating Related Items

  1. Log out of the Magento Admin and then log back in. If you do not do this you will receive a 404 error in step 3.
  2. Click on System->Cache Management and refresh the Magento cache
  3. Navigate to System->Configuration->Related Products Manager
  4. Click Update Related Products
    • Depending on how much order and page view data you have, the analysis process could take seconds or hours. A progress indicator gives an idea of how much time is remaining. Note: If the analysis seems to freeze after running for several minutes or hours it's possible that Apache timeout limits are being hit. Simply cancel and then restart the analysis to work around this issue.
    • When the analysis is complete, the status indicator will show how many related products and cross-sells were generated.
    • All manual cross-sells and related products you previously created are preserved and are the primary source of recommendations when displaying items. Automatically generated related products and cross-sells appear only when there are not enough manual recommendations to fill out the allotted slots.
  5. When the analysis has completed, you may view automated cross-sells and related products for each product by clicking on Catalog->Managed Products->Related Products (Automated) or Catalog->Managed Products->Cross-sells (Automated)

Uninstall instructions

To temporarily disable Related Products Manager:

Click on System->Configuration->Advanced and set CommerceStack_Recommender to disabled.

To permanently remove Related Products Manager:

Use Magento Connect Manager to uninstall (recommended), or:

  1. Delete the following files and directories:
    • app/code/community/CommerceStack/*
    • app/etc/modules/CommerceStack_*.xml
    • app/design/adminhtml/default/default/layout/recommender.xml
    • js/commercestack/adminhtml/recommender.js
  2. Drop the database table recommender_product_link
  3. Run the following query in the database: DELETE FROM core_resource WHERE code='recommender_setup';