Frequently Asked Questions

Will my manually created related products, up-sells, and cross-sells be overwritten?

No, our automatically generated related products, up-sells, and cross-sells live side by side with your manual recommendations. Automatically generated recommendations supplement your choices only when there are not enough manual items to fill out the number of slots you've specified.

Can I manually edit automatically created related items, up-sells, or cross-sells?

No, but you can specify manual related items, up-sells, or cross-sells in the usual way. These manual recommendations supersede automatically generated recommendations.

How does Related Products Manager determine which items to show?

Related Products Manager uses hosted special-purpose servers to do an exhaustive analysis of your order, and page view data to find patterns your shoppers' habits and translate them into product recommendations.

Why does Related Products Manager use a separate server to generate recommendations?

Powering through years of order and page view data requires a lot of processing power -- more than a typical Magento server can handle. Instead of slowing down or crashing your Magento server, we use dedicated servers hosted by us to crunch the data. When you update your related products, up-sells, and cross-sells from the Admin panel, Magento sends our servers the information we need to generate results. Those results are then packaged and downloaded by Magento to be used to display related products, up-sells, and cross-sells on product and cart pages.

What information is sent to CommerceStack servers for related items analysis?

We try to use as little sensitive information as possible. Only product IDs, order IDs, visitor IDs, page view URLs, order item price, and the information needed to tie them together is shared with CommerceStack servers. No personally identifiable information is transmitted. Practically speaking, we could tell you how many orders and visitors you've had and how much each item in the order was. We can make a guess as to which products were ordered based on the name of the URL but that's about the limit of what we know. We never share this information with anyone and we don't use it for anything but generating recommendations. If you ever want us to delete this data from our servers just send us an email at with your API User value.

Is my data secure?

Yes. All communication is done securely over SSL. No personally identifiable customer information is transferred. We do not track shoppers across sites using cookies.

Why is there a monthly charge for plans instead of a one-time purchase?

We host special-purpose servers to do an exhaustive analysis all your page view and order data. These are powerful servers that come with significant ongoing costs. To ensure we can continue to operate the servers we charge a lower monthly fee instead of a high one-time fee.

How do I cancel my plan?

Just click the Choose Free Plan button in the Account section of the Related Products Manager page in your Magento Admin. Your plan will be cancelled at the end of your monthly bulling period and you will not be charged again.

What happens to my recommendations after I cancel my plan?

Related Products Manager will continue to use the recommendations that it previously generated forever. No new recommendations will be generated for new or existing products, however.

The status text says that related products were found for x products but I have many more products than this. Why doesn't it see my other products?

Related Products Manager sees all of your products but there was only enough order and page view data to create smart recommendations for some of them. Related Products Manager will show random recommendations for the remaining products until enough order and page view data is available to generate smart recommendations for them.

Why do some products not have only random related product or cross-sells listed in Catalog > Manage Products?

Related Products Manager uses order and page view data to create smart recommendations for each product. If there is not yet enough data available for a particular product Related Products Manager will show random recommendations. As soon as enough data becomes available Related Products Manager will generate smart recommendations for that product.

When Related Products Manager is installed the front-end template doesn't show up correctly

Related Products Manager does not have any template functionality. It simply tells the built-in Magento template engine which products it should show in related products, up-sell, and cross-sell widgets. If the template shows up differently after Related Products Manager is installed it usually means that one of the products being shown has a name or description that is too long for the widget. This causes the widget to resize which can move its position on the page. To test this, disable Related Products Manager and then manually assign the same products as related products and view the page. You should see that the layout still appears broken.

How do I update related products, up-sells, and cross-sells automatically?

Related products are automatically updated daily when you upgrade to the Pro plan.

I've enabled "Prefer same-category products" but when I look at Catalog > Manage Products > Related Products (automated) it shows non-category products. Why?

Related Products Manager generates the best possible recommendations for each product regardless of category and this is what you see when you view related products in the Admin. If you've enabled "Prefer same-category products", this list of recommendations is filtered by category in real-time as shoppers browse your products on the site.

I've enabled "Prefer same-category products" but the cart page is showing out of category products. Why?

"Prefer same-category products" only applies to product pages, not the cart page. This is because the best cart page cross-sells often come from different categories (for example, a good cross-sell for an electronics item is often batteries, an item from a completely different category.)

I've enabled "Prefer same-category products" but the product page is showing products from a parent category. Why?

If there aren't enough products in the same category to fill out all the available recommendation slots Related Products Manager will try the parent categories until it fills all the slots.

Can I get Related Products Manager to show only same-brand or same-color items?

No, currently related products can only be constrained to the same category.

Who should I contact with problems?

Contact with any problems. We're a small company committed to getting your problem resolved as quickly as we can. Every support email gets handled by an engineer who works on the system.